Academic and professional community, public managers, employees from the protection and civil defense and general public. Registration is free, and is open until 23th October.

The conference on Fire Prevention and Protection has as its main objective to provide to the academic community, to professionals with  engineering and architectural competence, to professionals related to Prevention and Protection against fire – Military, Civil and Volunteer Firefighters, to professionals on the work safety area, and to the general public, a space for acquiring knowledge and to hold scientific and technological discussions.

A fire can reach different proportions and, as part of the main causes, is the violation of security codes against fire situations in the space conception. Thus, specification deficiencies on the finish and coating materials can contribute to an uncontrolled spread of the sinister in a few minutes, forcing, in this way, a quick evacuation from the fire location.
The fire on the Kiss nightclub was classified as one of the biggest tragedies, being the second regarding fires in Brazil, causing the death of 242 people, and injuring more than 630 people, most of them with permanent injury. Due to its world repercussion, some laws and regulations were modified. The first was the elaboration of a state law, the complementary law No 14.376, of 26th December 2013, updated and modified to the complementary law No 14.924, of 22th September 2016, which determines security exigencies and prevention in fire risk areas and, in conjunction with a federal law, the law No 13.425, of 30th March 2017, that establishes general guidelines and actions for combating fire on commercial places, buildings and public meeting areas.
This event aims to congregate professionals from academia, technical area, and general public, through a discussion forum, with the objective to update involved actors in the fire safety area, concerning laws and regulations updates since 2013.

Event agenda
This year, the conference will count on the presence of lecturers that are national and international references on the main topic of the event. Our agenda could be accessed from the Scheduler.